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Description: Here, the cards are not hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds: turn them over and you will find letters! There will be 7 stacks of cards on your game board: you have to overlap them to create series of letters that make up words! To aid your score or make it soar, power-ups enliven the challenge, which always increases in difficulty as you advance. < of hours and for strategy, reflection just limit: time>

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Do battle on the high seas as you move from port to port!

dobattleonthehigh Description: 
You sailed the seas of the Far East and built your empire upon the waves in Tradewinds, then exchanged insults and cannon fire with scurvy pirates in the Caribbean in Tradewinds 2. Now go back to a time of myth and magic, genies and flying warships in the world of Tradewinds Legends. Unravel the histories and fates of five characters as they seek honour, revenge, reconciliation, and redemption.

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You knead some dough!

youkneadsomedough Description:
Help Jill save her grandparents' traditional bakery! Rivalled by an unscrupulous supermarket, they have had to close their shop. On returning from cooking school our young apprentice has decided to open her own bakery and earn enough money to save her grandparents' business. You will have to work hard and satisfy increasingly numerous and at times impatient clients by baking more and more delicious and original cakes.

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No holidays for granny!

noholidays Description:
Granny and her kittens have earned their holidays in paradise! But, while napping, her kittens are abducted. Run, dig, jump and float in the air to guide Super granny around, outwit the minions of the nefarious Dr. Meow, and rescue her cats.


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Become a fireworks engineer!

becomeafireworks Description:

Rocket Mania is an arcade strategy game in which the object is to make as many rockets as possible take off...but it's not that easy to light the fuse!
3 game modes are available:

  • Classic: shoot the rockets off before dawn
  • Arcade: don't let the squares fill the screen
  • Strategy: use your matches carefully to launch a maximum number of rockets

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Find the magic word!

findthemagic Description:
Imagine a word game where bonuses, time limit and clues are part of the challenge in a magical and enchanting atmosphere. Find the word hidden behind the genie's definition; offer a vowel or a consonant, but beware: time is ticking and each mistake will cost you!
In 1001 Night mode to solve an infinite number of enigmas, in Quest mode to live the adventure and discover all the aspects of the game, in Sultan's Challenge mode to try and put the mixed-up letters in the right order.

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Flower Power

flowerpower Description:
Maui Wowee has over 200 levels and a bunch of features that put it in a league of its own. Besides it's addictive game play and concept, Maui also contains a built-in media player so you can listen to your own tunes while you play!
You can also customise the screen saver supplied with the game or design your own with the editor!

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Become a raccoon guru!

becomearaccoon Description:
The game Varmintz has five characters: five Varmintz raccoons ready to do anything to get their golden eggs. Discover 50 levels with new challenges and a constantly increasing number of enemies: rabid dogs, joggers, skateboarders, trains, cars, etc.

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Global warming!

globalwarming Description:

Will the cold numb your reflexes and your brain? Act before the snow king turns the tropical seas into sheets of ice and eradicates all trace of life on earth! Catch the blocks of ice falling from the sky with your mouse and turn them to confine them in different places in the grid. If there is no more space left for certain blocks, melt them over a campfire and make sure not too many fall into the water!
A puzzle game which won't leave you a moment's rest!

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